Dog Airplane Costume


hak1207 says:

why do people have to dislike something so cute?

Irina Kusnezov says:

süß 😯

Dina roeun says:

so funny 😄😅

Wally D (DAM0003) says:

Abada gada.

LPS Noppa says:

juu pee😇😢😂🐶🐕

dizzyydreamer says:

A. A ba pa pa. Ba pa. Ba.

Donn Achtenberg says:

Snoopy, eat your heart out!

EXMerser says:

Это из разряда "Мой хозяин идиот":)

Kristen Coyne says:

The costume is based of dusty crophopper

sol255 says:

Que! Pero que cortico, y tan bien que se ve..Hagan otro video pero mas largo. :)

neenmach says:

LOL! Just saw Crusoe on NECN as a what's trending now!! Excellent for you guys. I'll try to post on your Fb page too.

Patricia Harold says:

I still maintain that you should have won the costume contest. The effort alone that went into this is amazing! Not to mention you carry off aviation outfits very well!

ladyyong1 says:

this just makes my day!

Petco says:

Sooo adorable!

nelda blanco says:

MORE  P L E A S E!…he's SO CUTE!  Thanks for posting video of him.. love seeing them both.

Fazbear Crew says:

awwww so adorable! crusoe is so cute!

49ldavis says:

Love Crusoe he's so cute! Could you please make video just a little bit longer? Not enough Crusoe fix for me.

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