Husky plays Hide and Seek

How to teach your dog to play hide and seek


VINE! ——


Steel The Husky!
VINE! —–


Michelle Lopez says:

յօҽվ վօմ ɑղժ Mҽցɑղ ɑɾҽ Եհҽ ԹҽɾƒҽςԵ ςօմԹӀҽ

Alexia McLennan says:

he is so cute!!!!!👍👍👍👍🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Ununhexium The Unkown Matter says:


Emilia Mazurek says:

Where do u live joey? Cause if it's Florida I'm in Florida .🐶😊

Leli Franco says:

No he didn't so stop saying things that are true

Keiley Crother says:

Steel knew that he had won. He was hiding for 2 reasons : #1 YOU DIDNT HAVE ANY CHICKENNNN!😑 #2 It was his turn. 🐶

Mary Collns says:

ahhhhhh your boring

Wu Zoe says:

My dog can do that.

jose george says:

i have a yorky terrioor

Jade Haase says:

All u half to say to my dog Is go find Jade and she will a sniff u out

Sarah Bizzle says:

2:47 "Aight, lets switch roles. I'mma hide now, fam."

Real YoloMcSwaggins says:

He didn't know u didn't have chicken, he was hiding and u cheated! How dare you man!

Connor Mann says:

Steel is cute

LPSAngelina says:

That's what I do put a treat in my hand and run to somewhere 

SteveNGaming says:

Thx, I have a husky too, but its female. Her name is Bella and now she knows the trick.

Michael Parker says:

I play with my dog where I keep hiding a pork pie upstairs and downstairs and she knows if she finds it and eats the pie then the game's over, so it's taught her to have patience and not be greedy by giving me the pie when she finds it so it's up to her how long we keep playing… It's usually around 15 finds before giving up and deciding to eat it

Pyschoman says:

1k likes thanks to meeeeee

Michelle Lopez says:

Have Meghan try it plzz

Hyper Nova says:

But how do you do it the other way

Jamie Tran says:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH IT ALWAYS PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE!! I love you so much Joey and your videos and absolutely steel the husky ☺️

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