BoroPrideHoorah says:

I played this video for my dog thinking that he would howl and it would be funny. But when I played it, he just looked at me like "what have you done" and he looked scared. Then he just dropped unconscious and he died. Because of this video. You just made me kill my fucking dog锘

Ryan Saulus says:

I don't know why but dogs howling at sirens is the funniest thing to me.锘

Austin Piercy says:

gonna miss doing this with my dog when he goes lol锘

Sara Gonoby says:

my dog really reacted to dis one and well i've come across many other barking dog videos but didn't really work on my dog锘

Ben Joel Kringe says:

it works 馃榾锘

007gatorman says:

My dogs didn't howl.
Didn't sing.
Just looked at me like "What's that noise!"锘

jellypinkdonut says:

My dog just bit me so hard and farted锘

Desiree Warner says:

Love your DOGS!!!!!!!!锘

MishaBella Bainbridge says:

my dog fell asleep锘

Atoria Collier says:

that is funny锘

Blue Dino says:

my dog just looked at me and went out of the room attacking my grandma锘

FirmerPine3878 says:

my dog just looked at me and walked away锘

Stina and mary vlogs says:

+Stephen cristizo No they r just in the cellar they look healthy to me you should see some other videos some really r abused锘

love ArianaGrande says:

It really doesnt锘

Zorica Jokic says:

my dog just layed down锘

Female_gamer27 says:

my dog doesn't really bark but he looked puzzled.锘

Ewan Dunn says:

Didn't make my dog howl锘

Sallie Wolcott says:

every time. it's my dogs fave.锘

Ali Tahami says:

My dog just stared at me like the fuck is wrong with u锘

Anita Young says:

It worked, my dog is howling NOW!锘

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