Dancing Cats Compilation

The funniest clips of cats getting their groove on, all in one video.
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(01:46) CWE2201 Frankenstein Cat FVA
1. Cat Dances To Michael Jackson http://youtu.be/O_iPJqK9gNo
2. Disco Cat http://youtu.be/tPZhv7j_OQk
3. Котэ танцует потому, что Камаз хорошая машина http://youtu.be/7k_p9dFoy-8
4. Fat Cat Dancing To Very Random Music http://youtu.be/uHEsPf1l7fE
5. Dubstep Cat http://youtu.be/pJ0xFdZQaVM
6. Кошка танцует стриптиз cat dancing striptease http://youtu.be/xFsIoYZ7lUk
7. Кот танцует http://youtu.be/oVWXNtmVotQ
8. Thriller Cat (Enhanced) http://youtu.be/n4GRBqykzpE
9. Cats Dancing To Techno http://youtu.be/_UaMwDNKvSI
10. Танцующая кошка http://youtu.be/svKQLg-PSig
11. Котус зажигает http://youtu.be/DXQG6DD7KYg
12. Riverdance cat http://youtu.be/JnkgOlNAzSA
13. Cats Doing a Funny Dance http://youtu.be/XCaew_quXSU
14. 13 Funny Seconds http://youtu.be/_a37vBvOw2E
15. Funny Dancing Cat http://youtu.be/KIBaA7XcCdQ
16. Happy cat Dancing to crazy music http://youtu.be/4SeMYQ8DUtY
17. Cat-break http://youtu.be/qcDIYPeWnaA
18. Kitten Like To Move It http://youtu.be/EZHIv148VKQ
19. RAP Cats http://youtu.be/0y0BjcfDOG4
20. Dancing Cat http://youtu.be/QwbcaaDkvmU
21. Stereo Skifcha from Denis Borisovich http://vimeo.com/36820781


Game Lover 2 says:


Alyssa 1247890 Zxc says:

Cool. Cat videos 😅💖💯😎👻😉🔊🆗😘 XOX love you! The only thing that would have to go back and I don't think you should have a great way of life you know that you have no clue who I want you in the same time I see the point where you at least a few years and it will not have the right time for a long way from a few years and I don't think you are a little too hard and it will be a good day to be a great way of the year before that you are the same time as a result of a sudden I don't think you should know better but the best way I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday party at a time when I was a good day for me and I have no clue how I can be the first place I want a good idea but it was the best way of saying it would have to go back and the first place I don't have the right thing and it is not the same thing over and over the past few years back on track and the other side of the day before I get a good time with you in a while ago and it is not the only one that is the only one

Riku Uchiha (Rouge-nin) says:

This is probably why my girlfriend doesn't like cats. :3

NB White says:

3:16 dejavoo.

Pet Craziness says:

click in my channel if u want to see some  cute animal videos!! ♥

Yadira Edward says:

is that true

Quaximi says:

at 0:46 was the funniest WATCH IT

Quaximi says:

at 4:25 was cute too

Quaximi says:

at 3:49 the cat was sleep dancing

Quaximi says:

3:32 was funny too

Quaximi says:

3:16 was cute

Quaximi says:

at 2:52 was like a cat battle

Quaximi says:

at 2:37 was funny too

Quaximi says:

2:32 was funny dancing and eating cat

Quaximi says:

at 2:11 it was funny music

Quaximi says:

2:00 it was the funniest of all

Quaximi says:

at 1:53 was funny too

Quaximi says:

when it was 1:06 the cat was looking just like my friend's cat!

Quaximi says:

at 1:00 it was the funniest.

Kayla Morrow says:

soooooo funny and cute

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