Top 10 Strongest Dogs in The World

Top 10 Strongest Dogs in The World
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3.German Shepherd
4.Doberman Pinscher
6.Wolf Dog Hybrid
7.Alaskan Malamute
8.Bull mastiff
10.Great Dane

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Gloria Perkins says:

Rottweilers and pitbulls are the two top two most strongest dogs in my book If I had to have a protector (guard dog) these two dogs definitely would be two of my choosing.

rainbow pops says:

Nope this is wrong! Pit Bull is 2nd and kangal is 1st

Alex Cui says:

Music??? What is the name of this bgm?

Spoodermen says:

fuck your list, doge should be #1

Jose A Cardenas says:

Dang?! Some people here just like to hate. I agree with pitbulls being number 1. Those of you who have made reference or suggestions to view dog fights to see what type of dog wins please stop don't reproduce. The world dont need more people like you. I like seeing pitbulls (and similar dogs) being trained for athletic and gaurding events because these type of dogs have so much energy. Unfortunately, ignorant people use this ability for inhumane activities. Please stop spreading the ignorance!

metz ergenstein says:

no argentine dogos?

Noah Treadway says:

shouldn't be used for fighting ._.

Sinan Ergin says:

you've never heard about, turkish kangal?
a top 3 without the kangal is,
saying like,
a ferrari is not a supercar

bestamerica says:

american native pure wolf is the great dog with americans natives indians people…
argentine big white boxer / pitbull dogo dog is a so much stronger dog…
giant american pitbull dog is a so stronger dog

Tony Behrozi says:

Kurdish Kangal are the strongest ….

Stuart Yorke says:

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The Ace of Spade says:

this list is a bull shit

Callum M says:

No way is PitBull the strongest dog most dangerous yes but not strongest

uma palani says:

superb video!!!!!!!!!!

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Kashmala Faisal says:

This is such a bullshit list ever. They got Caucasian shepherd at

KosTixX :D says:

Where is the dogo argentino ?

Arjun Premkumar says:

what about pakisthani bully

Steve52344 says:

Pound for pound the Pitbull is absolutely the strongest dog.

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