Little Drummer Boy Vine Video by Crusoe the Mini Dachshund

Via of – Crusoe the Celebrity (Miniature) Dachshund performs little drummer boy to get in the Christmas theme!


Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund on Vine,
Little Drummer Boy Dog,
Mini Dachshund Christmas Video


C. Lawson says:

I only wish this video was longer.
Great job Crusoe.

Login Smith says:

Crusoe you are the best,!🐕

avio levi says:


nate101234 "GamingNetwork64" says:

Posted on my BIRTHDAY!!!

Dave Hoo-Kim says:

Were can I buy that costume? 😉

k naylor says:

I love how you flip your head a little to balance your head gear!

Demon Fly (again) says:

Pentatonix!!!!!!!! Love

Fernanda Gabriela says:

I'm Love crusoe

Duke Joxer Karoly says:

Crusoe I don't know how you can stand to wear that! You are handsome though :)

Shane Shu says:

So cute 

Meg D says:

Hehe awwww good job Crusoe! :-)

Brody Tubbs says:

Poor dog 

RezzGaming says:

if u dont like thi ur a heartless person

squirrelwhispherer says:

Love u crusoe
Ur adorable 

Bugn LVoe says:

😀 Made my night!!! :-D

s ... says:

really? vertical video?

mrmadmike427 says:

<3 it !!!

Harleigh Van Sickle says:

Supa cute

Mariana Shibayama says:

PTX and Dachs <3

k naylor says:

Crusoe you are the best little drummer boy ever!!

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