Dachshund Fire Drill Vine – Puppy Firefighters!

Dachshund Fire Drill Vine Video – via: https://vine.co/v/MIiH0d9M9V7 – caution this truck makes wide turns!! Created by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund of http://celebritydachshund.com


Immortal Izzy says:

part when he hit the cabinet,my throat started to hurt from laughing

MarianAFC3 says:

the crash makes it 10x funnier

Snodge Kat says:

THUMP! xD! Cute doggies!

Josh Moore says:


glowworm2 says:

The one dressed as a firetruck–I can't stop laughing!

glenn c says:

Aww!!! He ran into The door😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Eren “Ackerman” Jaeger- says:

they got their work cut out for them

Samuel “TheTulo02” Joseph says:

Awww I almost shit my pants it was so cute!!!!!! 😀

Quenna lacy says:

That is too cute!!

Oscy says:

1.5 speed is funnier.

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Where did that dachshund get his fire truck driving license?  : )  Too funny!

Frank M says:

can never and I mean never get enough of dachshunds!!!

Annie Y says:

hehehe too cuuute!

Me Odaly says:

So funny

Mark Angelo Gozon says:

 R.I.P headphones.

23Preppy says:

How cute 

James Resurreccion says:

Haha, cute! They look just like my black/tan dachs.

Fido Artz says:

hmm i think driver is okay. but he might of dented the truck

Steve Kimble says:

haha too cute man, get on firefighting doggies!!!

peterpanda1970 says:

That cornering… Hahahaha super cute! 

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