Husky Dog Talking – ” I love you “

This is our adorable and talented siberian husky, Mishka 🙂 This dog can talk like no other! You never know what she may say next!

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Two Huskies and a Baby!

Check out Mishka’s sister’s channel too!

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Jimmy Jimmy 895 says:


Leah Haywood says:

hehehe he hahahahaha so cute

Tiffany Cook says:

Lmao dog is sooo cute makes me mile ima get one

Tony Thwin says:

More like "I want them" "I want them" "I want them" "I want my hotdogs"

楊尚誼 says:

many people are going to say it's fake but I don't think so. lol

楊尚誼 says:

many people are going to say it's fake but I don't think so. lol

Mariajose Gomes Quintana says:

hay yo me lo como hermoso

David Hereaux says:

Could she be any more beautiful?

Braeden Meyering says:

I want that dog soo bad

Lexi Balarova says:

ooooooo it's sooooo cute

ashtyn davis says:


Tai Mirami says:

-.- cat version is more cute

Daniel Verdugo says:

so cute andadorable i fell like having her

hasmen Dug says:

америкосы твари тупые

Aon Muhammad says:

if you notice, the dog only says i love you when the woman speaks

Ryan K says:

This was the first video I ever saw on YouTube. I got the internet back in 2008 (I was 10 at the time) and literally the first thing I typed into google was this site (spelt utube because I didn't know what the fuck I was on). While you aren't the first YouTuber I was a fan of (NigaHiga was the first) this video brings tears to my eyes from the nostalgia. Thanks for posting this.

Matab Felemban says:

waw 97 milion V

bozar says:

jadno kuce zivotinje ne govore😳😨😿

The Lego man Production says:

It's clear that dog loves there owners

The Lego man Production says:

That's so funny

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