Cute Babies Playing with Big Dogs Compilation January 2015 [720p HD VIDEO]

Dogs and Babies are best friends, they can play together and big dogs are good nannies for our babies. Cute babies love playing with big dogs too. Most baby friendly dogs are labrador and boxer.
Watch in this video cute babies and cute dogs friendship

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Rama KrishnaRaju says:

very nice video

Rama KrishnaRaju says:

very nice video

candy sweety says:

1:47 i just love this dog :)

Tasha Yovanin says:

That dog thinks that it's a real ghost!

Jordan Hartspider says:

there's a dog that looks like batoven from batoven.

Mirosława Zając says:

Zwierzaki sa wspaniałymi kompanami i opiekunami dzieci, które sa przyuczone do obcowania z…

Nikki Guarro says:

I wish I had a golden retriever!!!!big fur ball

Universal Galaxy says:

People say dogs are annoying.Even though kids will even annoy you more.

Dari “Daribug” S says:

Omgs that is the way I wish the world would be the 2 best things ever in a combo

Jerry Chao says:

When I pass from this world, I wanna be reincarnated as one of these Giant Heartwarming Behemoths.

berniemacsgreatesthi says:

This is why I like dogs more than cats, cat's aren't as patient as dog and they will fuck you up if you piss them off xD

Intan Nadia says:

ommmggg what type of that dog? why so big??? is it they not harm baby ?

Michael Kurian says:

What were those dogs in the first clip? Like species

Rebecca Berg says:

so cute😍

Edina S says:

Very cure videos

galaxybeing says:

A dog uses its tongue for toilet paper. No, a dog's mouth is not cleaner than a human's. You are on the internet. How can you pass on that myth when you can take a few minutes to check if it is actually true?

Rakesh Bhatia says:

my son of 13 always demand a dog but without open space we can't think of it

Konstantinos Kosta says:


‫زهرة النرجس‬‎ says:


edwina shreves says:

they are so cute together

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