Smartest Dog Vine Compilation (Archie)


zedooncadhz says:

Nothing happens in this video

AtsfMike559 says:

Great video of a Great Dog! However, shouldn't Archie have some kind of halter, or restraint when riding in the bed of the truck? Otherwise, great. Thanks for sharing these.

PuckettFamily says:

those were the looped together sections (like how you'd see in on Vine) – that's probably why it looks longer than 7 seconds – good catch 🙂

thec00kiem0nstah says:

Meh….. :/

susan pham says:

Not smart but so cute

blackwolfkodi says:

This is ADORABLE! But not Vine video's D: These vid peices are over 6 to 9 seconds. Too long to be considered vine :c

Yoona Choi says:

Cool! Smart dog!!

Asha Henriksson says:

I love archies ears.

Jonathan Erik Ettrup says:

First comment bitches!

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