Dog and Baby learning how to do the laundry

Dog and Baby learning how to do the laundry with one surprise, a Magic washing machine! I think they really believe in it:D
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Marcelo Gonçalves Gonçalves says:

Que dupla fofa.

Keita Fasu says:

U r wonderful mother I'm glad u taking care of your baby and the dog thank u soo much we love you here

Ko Yean Tsui says:

The little beautiful ,smart and kind Laura melt my heart. I love u.

川瀬 Kawase, 俊雄 Toshio says:

What a clever dog, sort of knowing how to do the laundries, in any way… No wonder this Beagle must have been borne as a dog by mistake!

Fedvan Obrien says:

really thats crazy !!! they are like brothers hhhhhhh

Bosingr says:

Good boy Charlie! Good boy!

Pao Garibay says:

Los amé¡¡¡ son hermosos :)

Amanda Bright says:

Cudowny maluch i jeszcze wspanialszy psiunek!! :-)))

Michal BH37 says:

Omg that is os adorable!
They are so smart! :)

5151tiger says:

lol ,These two make a great team!

Ashley Shechtman says:

This is so funny

bluethyme says:

Teamwork :)

nobleday3 says:

These people are geniuses. So cute.

awesome teens ? says:

My sister has the same poo bear to 

Mis cosillas says:

Son adorables!!!

takamatoga says:

you are absolutely amazing :)

cody nguyen says:

Where's the mother

Sandy Day says:

Great videos of baby Laura Oliva and Charlie pup🎈

Fawzi Breidi says:

i watched couple of videos for this dog and I can say without any doubt that this dog suffers from OCD!

Paola Hernandez says:


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