Dog and baby are best friends: It’s never too late to train your pet to get along with your children

Newborn babies are one of the most common reasons why loved dogs are ending up in the shelters, but babies and dogs can be the best friends,just we have to show them how.
It’s never too late to train your pet to get along with your small children, these lessons will stay with them for life and teach them to be better.

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Angelina Mcfadden says:

No doubt two of the sweetest and most innocent creatures God put on earth. Thank you for the video. Made my day.

CH eL Sey says:

Ow how CUte 😀 ^^ hehe I just notice the dog always love to kiss the baby <3 hahaha so sweet 🙂 FOr me they are both babies :)) ^^

Jdhchcud Udjcjc says:

What music?

Nivia Guadalupe Ordaz says:

i hope parents are taking notice of this, there's no reason for parents to abandoned their pets at shelters

Mibsam Verdugo says:

es muy tierno el amor que hay ♥♥♥

shell harris says:

more importantly it's NEVER early to teach your children to respect animals and treat them with kindness just as much as it's important to teach your animals to be kind to your children

Gina Illescas says:

This is so beautiful! Thank you for inspiring and motivating this type of relationship between dogs and children… so less dogs will end up in shelters.

Jennifer Williams says:

Best friends <3

Elisa Collado says:

I totally love your videos, your baby is so cute and the beagle too, so much love!! <3

Caroline OConnell says:

Great way to start the day. They're both adorable — and getting their exercise.

Gina Illescas says:

beautiful video… just like the other videos showing the wonderful relationship between the baby and the dog!!!! thank u 4 sharing :)

Krishna Shah says:

do u have a beagle

Cupcakemonster Roblox (It's not my name) says:

Wait is it labrador my dog is labrador it is a girl And it's black sorry for rct u get the word but my dog is not big yet it is like ur dog same height 😊

Honey Colonna Covers says:

I can't stop crying this is so touching clearly your baby and your dog shares a big bond

Nadine Vicente says:

They are not dangerous if you raise them right…and neither are the dogs. <3

Caroline Silva says:

So cute! ♡♡♡♡

Pikapetey says:

this has over a million views??

Roy all says:

Amazing 🙂 !

Bosingr says:

So how did you train your dog so well?

TheChillywilly12 says:

Charlie is a great and beautiful beagle. Congrats.

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