Gaucho-Tanz von Stier Bandit als Dank!

Seit der Freilassung unserer Schimpansen 2011 in ihre Außengehege haben wir Bilder wie diese nicht mehr gesehen. Der verzweifelte Aiderbichler Christian bat die Internet-Aiderbichler um Hilfe. Er hatte einen jungen Stier in der Anbindehaltung entdeckt, der ihn kläglich ansah und seine Hand leckte. Christian konnte nicht mehr schlafen, und nachdem wir das Schicksal des Stiers Bandit gepostet hatten, meldeten sich Paten. In einem atemberaubenden Video kann jetzt jeder miterleben, wie er in seine Freiheit tanzt…

Freedom-dance of a bull that lived in chains
Bandit was one of many million that live worldwide in narrow stables in tethered housing, all life long. Do animals get used to this? Not really if you watch our unique video. Bandit shows his gratitude to Christian from our sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl and performs a dance of freedom. On our sanctuaries live more than 500 rescued cows, bulls and calves. Including the famous cow Yvonne.


Srdjan Popovic says:


Lucinda says:

This is wonderful but what about those other poor animals left behind?

Moist Gnome says:

mmm…delicious steak.

manuela redding says:

o God! im so glad for him and so sad for the others….gross, ugly people that do stuff like this and lovely, beautiful, innocent animals

Amazy says:

So did they just leave the rest of the poor cows? Why is this one and not the others?

I'm wondering if he's sick and thus can't be sold by the farmer.

Anand Rabari says:

I love cow

Toti je najbolsi videlo ja sam se usro a la Cova says:

a s nas da ti je lepa krava moni srbija123😄😋

Феликс Дахаев says:

В конце видео самое трогательное, как бычок смотрел в глаза человеку и как кот терся об него) Это просто святые люди. Побольше бы таких!

attika99 Team says:

02:20 ohh :)

lewis steiner says:

fuck humans the are fucking shit

eRKo718 says:

Wonderful I'm crying ….. :'( :))))

Steinar Arason says:

You don't know the whole story behind that video. When you add some sad music it must be true!


A duša mala

Kristyna. says:

This video made me cry <3 He is grateful! I really love it! You guys are amazing! <3

edgar gonzalez bracho says:

Pense que lo enviaria al matadero cuando lo montaron al camion

Ruby Cox says:

That was so amazing it made me kind of cry you guys are amazing for doing that

Niko Nikovic says:

In my country no one will dare to wear a red shirt in front of a bull or an ox.

Ms Visio says:

Why was he chained up his entire life to begin with? Some humans are just so fucked up to be so brutal!

Espen Lid says:

Do you want them to die in the cold vinter? They are not Inside all the time only at the vinter

Espen Lid says:

Do you want them to die in the cold vinter? They are not Inside all the time only at the vinter

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