Funny Dogs Stealing Pizza Compilation 2015

These cute dogs can be really sneaky when there is pizza involved!

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Stelpan Gaming says:

Same thing happened to me.

Glenn Stubbs says:

Our old Jax ate a whole loaf of bread ! Left the bag it was in on the floor !

missjohnnie jackson says:

If I was a dog i would do the same lol

AtrHoliday says:

Haha you can teach dogs all of the house rules but one rule they'll always break is stealing food left on the table

Bogmire42 says:

No shame.

Elaine Wong says:

I love the thumbnail the pug is live a wild pizza appears, BTW can dogs eat pizza? I mean like dogs can't eat some foods like onions and chocolate, it's so sad

Jess Lilly says:

Try Doug the pug!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!

Jess Lilly says:

I wish I had a dog that would steal my pizza from

Matthew Scarisbags says:

My yorkie cries her eyes out when we have pizza. not litteraly.

metocco says: margherita ♀

Anina B says:

Ať mi nikdo neříká, že pejskové nepřemýšlí. Vždy si poradí, tak dobrou chuť.

meital levi says:

I can understand the dogs lol!
love Pizza soooo much!

Nur Umairah Balqis says:

Funny dogs.

Brad Olsen says:

funnyplox! your so funny!!!

FaZe Thomson says:

If I wanna submit something where can I go? And I love your channel please keep making these awesome videos! :)

xXTobiaszXx xXsmithXx says:

Like if u laughed during video! 

OKKKKK says:

Cuteness overload 

davekittle says:

Like this comment if you think cats are better than dogs 😀

rick charles says:

Not fair! If you leave it out, of course they'll try to get it.

Familia Aguila says:

2,000 out of a 10 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 and cute😍😍😍😍😍

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