GoPro HD hero cam + roll bar mount + stick + stupid dog = Dog cam!


IAMPIG 76 says:

You mean cute dog

Dan B. says:

What is the sphere at the end of the leash for?

Michelle Lilo says:

hahahahaha……… this is so funny…….. at the end he wouldn't let go is it?

liamg6440 says:

Check out my video of my dog playing fetch with a gopro on my channel!

Watch Doges (WatchDoges101) says:

Wow you would call a dog stupid.. He is probably smarter than you..

Chloe's Life In L.A. - A Dalmatian On 4 Paws says:

Hey, my name is Chloe and I think your video is soooo nice <3 Let's all be a camera-dog and discover the world from a different perspective!
Here my latest video from the Hollywood Hills. Shot with my new action camera GoPro Hero 4. I'm using the comfortable GoPro dog harness 🙂

Beth Petersen says:

The dogs eye hahaha

L Fendi says:

Gopro is cool, but the vid is pretty weak. The title is pretty lame and don't appreciate the dog titled as stupid. There are other vids out that with Gopro that just rocks.

Vincent Cramer says:

yay go coffee carl

FH.TV says:

Verry cool video!

FillUmUpp says:

watching his eyes is interesting

Munchito696 says:

haha!  I did something similar last night with my Jaws Clamp mount that I got for xmas
GoPro Dog Bone Cam

Wes T paintninjagc says:

hey mate you should enable your youtube partnership with that many views your missing out on dollars video like that can make your channel.

jfCanadian says:

Youre the stupid one who can't catch the dog. Idiot.

Coaster Master Media says:

Made my night man

igemelli90 says:

"With THE dog and MY gopro" the stupid dog?? Fuck you !!! Shit man!!!

Aquila A. says:

Haha, great ! I like the permanent move of his little eyes ^^

Fenomeen says:

His eyes keep drawing my attention

ShAmbAh says:

crazy how the dog takes in everything with its eyes…

Federico Chierichetti says:

Ahahahah. Great

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