Guilty Dog Apologize to a Crying Baby After Stealing One of the Baby’s Toys

Charlie the beagle and Laura the baby have a lot in common: They’re both SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE, for one. They also both like toys. Actually, they both like the same toys. Which is occasionally a problem when Charlie steals toys from Laura

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Martin Whalley says:

Whenever I need my spirits lifted I look no further than 'feel good dog vids'! It brings cute and heart-warming vids and next thing Im smiling and feeling the love. thank you for your vids

kitivud tantidontanate says:

How did u train ur dog

Marilo Ruiz says:

Que lindo

PeugeotRocket says:

I hate baby related videos (or baby related things in general) but I can't deny how awesome this video is, although it only is because of the dog. Animals aren't just wild beasts. They do feel emotion and this is such a great example of such

mandeepsekhon says:

dogs like,, here human. shut up and play

chs hps says:

Call the police. The baby is buried with toys

- Malaya says:


ShadowLeaf AJ says:

omg that is ADORABLE u better I mean u BETTER treat him good… I I got my eyes on chu

Anieya Jones says:

Awwwwwwww…….sweetest dog ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Trần Phi Hùng says:

how to train dogs professionally???
good pet

Killer Tomcat says:

ahhh so cute

Roxieanne1 says:

I forget to watch you guys on Youtube, cause I watch you on Facebook. Roxanne Gentes!! Love you guys!!

Vee Pee says:

Plot Twist: The dog smothering him to death to make him stop crying…. haha just kidding!

Valeska Vargas says:

I have a beagle her name is Meghan and she is 7 years old

Ayelen Sebastian says:

que monada por favor

Kids Toys ABC TV says:

I gave you a Like!👍👌. I have watched it.. I clicked on your ad on your page. Good work deserves it!

Cory Faist says:

He's like, "No, Dad, no no no no. Not that toy. I've got this."

Buster A3 says:

Esta EXELENTE tu video, yo tengo un Beagle y se lo cariñosos que son……😀😀😀 muy bueno BROTHER…

Mia Mia says:

ччто за порода??

Najma Hajisajad says:

but the camara man is telling what to do because the camara stops all the the time come on

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