Cute Dog and Baby Video Check us out for more cute and funny dog videos. This adorable baby meet the family dog for the first time. They touch paw to hand. This is a very cute dog video that will make you saw awwww! Our site has a big collection of cute dog and funny dog pictures and videos so if you think this is good, check out the rest of our stuff!


Zelda Forever 〈3 says:

Dog touches baby's hands which means a welcome sign
Baby laughs, which means he like the dog


Neil Ram says:

awww mann… soooo cuteeee!!!

LetJesusTouchUrLife says:

Lol your comment made me laugh 😛

Imad Zriouil says:

what pisses me off is that 116 pp disliked this video..whyyyyy?

Mary Bonanno says:

That is precious

Alina Payne says:

Omg its so cute *-*

teamstelena1023 says:

This is so cute

ameykanitkar85 says:

Sadly, the dogs are more human than we are…

Moises Franco says:

Oooooooo cute

WVWildChild says:

So cute and cool

Jennifer Mendez says:

I love these peoples puppy and cute baby

Rollsroyce44 says:

Dog put its paw on the baby's hand to show dominance but, lowered his head to show he wouldn't do anything either. You have an awesome puppy

tennis 37 says:


อนล ธรรมตระการ says:

That's super cute! 😀

Makenzi Molloy says:

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


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Jolene Gonzales says:

Want to see cute dog? Go visit my channel ! :))

Marcello777 says:

I'm sure the two are friends, but I think the dogs body language showed signs of dominance.

tin Wong says:

so cutie !!

Napoléon Bonaparte says:

witch one is the dog ?

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