Baby Teaches Dog to use Hoover: Cute Dog and Baby Video

Watch as adorable Baby points Dog in the direction of the hoover.
Using his paws, Charlie presses the right button and turns the hoover on.
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Ashley Shechtman says:

How old is the baby gorl

Dymeczka says:

The movie was today in the main TV news channel in Poland/10,50 h/:))))

Kijeczakov Nord says:

Polacy :d?

Rafał Walendowski says:

Song please!

Nervous Person :V says:

11/10 So adorable :D

a890072 says:

so cute~~~~~~

Pani Matanjahowa says:

Czego ten cyrkowiec nie zrobi…kawe i jajka rano do lozka podaje?

Gisa rap tv says:

GREAT : ) !!!

m1uffi says:

Too sweet the two !!

bobby ray says:

Charlie and Laura are so cute.   such a hard days work indeed.

Shin Yu says:

They're so cute~

Andrea Radtke says:

Awwww….can I rent them?

Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia says:

I know it's Monday and We all have to work, so I have a little advice for you . Watch this short video, put a smile on your face and get the job done:D. Have a nice monday:D

Ko Yean Tsui says:

HahA now is
The beautiful Laura turn to teach Charlie . So funny and cute .


It is great for your baby is to instruct the dog.

Antoinette Oldengarm says:

So cute!!!! ♡♥

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