Hero Cat Saves Boy from Vicious Dog Attack – Dig it Pet of the Month

Hero Cat Saves Boy from Vicious Dog Attack!

Our new pet of the month for Digitpet.com is a local hero cat from Bakersfield CA that goes by the name Tara. Tara was captured on video risking life and limb to rescue her owners 4 year old son Jeremy from a neighbors dog who viciously attacked the toddler. Jeremy was riding his bike on Tuesday May 13th 2014 in his families driveway when a neighbors dog snuck up behind him and bit his leg. Before the dog had a chance to drag the young boy off, Tara, our hero cat took action. Without hesitation Tara flung her self at the dogs face then chased him off the property. In the video you can see Tara quickly ends the chase to go back and tend to young Jeremy and keep him safe. The cat stayed with the injured buy while his mother got help. The dog has been voluntarily taken to an animal shelter for obersvation while Jeremy suffered from two lacerations that needed sutures.

Tara has been with her owners since following them home from a park in 2008 and has a strong bond with the families firstborn son Jeremy. We always here stories of Dogs rescueing their companions from danger or animal attacks, but hearing, let alone seeing this kind of loyal behavior and heroics from a cat is a very rare site.

Keep up the good work Tara!

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robvillarv says:

wow!! brave cat gotta protect the family cat knows what's up that's great #GoldenStateOfMind 

Kit Malice says:

Love this video!! 

Dig it Pet Supplies says:

Hero Cat Saves Boy from Vicious Dog Attack!  Tara the Hero cat is Dig it Pets Pet of the Month!

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