Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Part 3 2014 [NEW HD]

Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Part. 1:
Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Part. 2:

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Gennaro rossi says:

Is funny how the dogs and the soldiers were excited to see each other and greeted accordingly; then the soldiers turned to their partners and were like : "hi, nice to see you" and it ended there.

Jammer48278animaljam says:

any also for that im sorry for your loss ill send the game controler to

Jammer48278animaljam says:

Ya you win the xbox 360 and thx

Jammer48278animaljam says:

i have a pet cow he died in the war…………………….. Guess who its was win a xbox 360!

Jammer48278animaljam says:

OMG im crying thats so cute and emmotinal!

N3oT BeastZ says:

aaawww english bulldog

Tetto Ascencio says:

ok.amigo yo tambien amo a los perritos….

Emma Alvarez says:

the brown pit bull after the great dane was like JUUMP JUUUUUUMP but he couldn't get up to her face XD

Leean Thomason says:

thats the best way to come home to a loving family and your dog

Jinora Ginile Green says:

These never ever get old for me! Love it!

catinahat40 says:

I was gone only for a week to Canada. I got home and my Pepper girl, big black lab mix, was so quite until she realized I was the one in the hallway just getting home. After that she freaked out, jumped on my and smacked her head on my face and busted my lip. I could have cared less, I was too happy to see her after a week. Dogs are amazing creatures and to say they don't know, no matter how long one has been gone, is wrong, they know!

essie finch says:

I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff..

jack cohen says:

its sad that a lot of the soldiers were crouching in a firing position

ShallowGaming says:

if dogs could talk there would be alot of tears

Maria Cervantes says:

I whot a dog really really BAD well

april waffle says:

I know every time I come home same thing every day I get thrown on the carpet by my 5 German Shepards Waffle, Pancake, Kit Kat, Hallow, and Eve

Roger Caldwell says:

i mi no chat

sgred7 says:

No matter how "manly" and fierce every soldier was all of them have "the cute puppy voice".

NightStar787 says:

Unless your dog is blind, deaf, and can't smell there's no way they'd forget you…although I'm pretty sure they can easily identify you if you always made a habit of touching them a certain way. Like one of my dogs went blind but she knew it was me before she even caught my scent because I was the only one who would pet her ears a certain way.

NaturalBornCamper says:

Misleading thumbnail..

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