Guilty Dog Videos – A Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2015

A guilty dog always looks so funny. Guilty dogs are such funny dogs to look at. Check out these funny dog videos in this guilty dog compilation from 2015.


Karen Banuelos says:

They were probably like "ooh shit busted i fucked up man i should run away no no i love my human"

Melissa Klenke says:

dogs give it away so easily xD

Shatish Shah says:

Owner : " did you do that ? "
Dog : " yes I did you son of a bitch….give me my food "

Lara De Smedt says:

mijn hond heeft dat ook alle maal gedaan en dan bweert ze van niets ( ik heb een franse bulldog en het is een meisje)

doei Lara De Smedt xxxx

sparrow Helm says:

they said ok act calm and put the most cutiest face on lol

mary deitrich says:

why do people just let it go

Saiba Jinzero says:

3:16 your shoes are stinks

saragirl07 says:

watch the "guilty dog" video of my very own pup on my page lol

Dre Watson says:

this makes me so fucken horny I would fuck every dog in this video n jus cum all inside there little doggy asses

Garett Miller says:

Lol dogs so cute when they are guilty

angel mae says:

Dog at 0:55 be like: If I act like a ninja he won't see me

Purple Piano says:

The dog walking on his hind legs though. That was funny.

Brissa Allen says:

What's the song at the end called?

Barb Monkman says:


MaxAction360 says:

This is not funny… those are the worst owners! a dog is 3 times guiltier than a a human , a dog could get sick from this

Isaiah Whiteway says:

First dislike. Thug life 

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