Our husky is TOO smart!!

It took us forever to figure out why we kept coming home to big puddles in front of the fridge! He started doing this at about 6 months old, and no we did not train him to do this!

To everyone asking about the breeds: The one in the crate is a Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog, the large brown dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and the black dog (which is not actually ours) is a Boxer/Lab mix.


Arkadiusz Gaik says:

I doubt it, if he eats ice ;D

Hardian Nanang says:

The black dog: u both r racist ahhhhh

Hilary Benoit says:

Not surprising.

America Zarate says:


Pradeep M.S says:

Putting a dog in a cage..not cool!

Cheryl Frankowicz says:

So cute did you teach him

Aliticx says:

Ice for everyone! Haha

MORTAL X says:


Nader says:

what about the dog in the cage he didnt get anything right or am i wrong

evilegg288 says:

Black dog: "None for me? But I want crunchy water, too…"

Kit Kat says:

Aww, the poor black one didn't get any.
Cute and sad at the same time :')

Dwight Stewart says:

Speaking of smart, has anyone ever wondered what your dog thinks about you using the bathroom in your water bowl? Think about it. To him, your toilet looks like a water bowl (complete with water in it), yet you use the bathroom in it. Even he’s smart enough to not do that. LOL.

DMlloyd01 says:

"Ha Ha!! I have figured out the secret of the ICE!!! Come my friends enjoys the sweet taste of frozen water!!!"

3goldy says:

omg the fuck are those horses??



Israel Mora says:

None for you blackie!!!

Sygnus_ says:

"But, they're sooooo crunchy tho"

Aaron W. Nichols says:

Black Dog: Aww, I didn't get any ice… :(

Sandy Mandia says:

Fuck you jukioh let the dog be because he wants ice cubes you abuse fag you clearly dont k ow how to train a dog she TRAINED him to do that you fucking moron thonk before you speak 

Sandy Mandia says:

My husky loves ice cubes 

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