dogs and puppies vine compilation 23 01 2014

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Original vine links:
And now he barks #husky #puppy –
Baby Chuck –
Cute puppy playing In the snow with Danielle Maclean 💕🐶 –
#puppies #cute omg –
#puppies #pekingnese #cute #funny 😋 –
So my dog loves ice? –
How dogs drink water. –
I ain’t know dogs drop that NaeNae too 😂 Longer on IG: CGB_Batista #NaeNae #Dogs #GettinJiggyWitIt –
Lilly And The Hairless had a wonderful trick, so we had to recreate it!! Here’s the finished product!! –
Who’s your best friend? Jax-“you!” Ok, who’s your second best friend? Miller-“ahem! Me!” Jax-“uhh excuse you..” #rottweiler#pitbull#bff#love –
Ultimate Dog Tease – Follow for more Funny Lip Readings #funnylipreadings –
CLOSE YO MOUTH!!! (my dog roscoe) #funny #comedy #dog –


brendan mckee says:

p.s what type of dog is that

brendan mckee says:

the first dog is so cute and i really want that dog to keep for myself

Superiorvrackman says:

this is soooo cute!!!!

brianna miramontes says:

Hi he is so amazing and cool and cutey doggy

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