Amazing Funny Talking Dog Bully Pit Bull Compilation

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A few videos showing Czr and his ability to answer questions yes/no

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Miles Hamblen says:

I don't let dogs claw furniture.

Poonkwan Tasanee says:

Wow…so …amazing and so cute with a big face

kittykatBflat says:

Do you want your lotion? lol

Abel1120 says:

they have a great relationship

Athena Porter says:

he is so CUTE

Brittany Applegate says:

Two questions: How old is Czr? and How old was he when you got him?

Carolina Smith says:

Joel lucas need an ass wooped for that stupid comment

Carolina Smith says:

kill a dog is a crime u find your self in prison

Beastmode says:

What kind of Dog is that ? Yeah its a Pitbull but they seem so different on other Videos

Steven Noyb says:

I have a pitbull sleeping next to me, and she acts the same way. It's not my dog, I'm a cat person, but I've also took care of my friend's pit and she was equally as sweet. They really are great dogs especially if you walk them

Lina G says:

So intelligent!

temari03100 says:

omg he's so frikin' big and adorable <3

A.M. Arteaga says:

Why is that dog so ridiculously adorable!?

Green Hunter says:

Are American bullies less aggressive than pitbulls?

Jake MarkPitts says:

00:41 "whos boss???" "sasha banks!"

Sarah Allen says:

@joellucas get an education about pitties. Adorable dogs but have bad press from ignorant people, just like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier here. Oh and your mother should have swallowed, then the world wouldn't have to put up with your naivety.

Sam Cook says:

He's such a cutie 😊

Joel Lucas says:

I hate these dogs. Bring that shit on my property and I will kill him in instant.

Michael Duarte says:

99 thumbs up…one of my buddies only has one thumb but he would have deff gave you 2. so i guess 99 thumbs up and four fingers woo!


yes u r the boss :p

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