Animals Playing Dead Supercute

Take a look this impressive animals playing dead. Which one you’d nominate for an animal Oscar?
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1. Bang! Three boxers playing dead
2. Cat plays dead on command!
3. Adorable Hamster gets Shot and pretends to be dead. [Original]
4. Best dog trick EVER – Play Dead with dramatic pug stumble
5. Exuma the dolphin swims atop the water & playing dead!
6. Cat Plays Dead When Shot
7. PENG!
8. Cat plays dead after a finger shot!
9. Выстрел из пальца! Симуляция! :-)Cat Plays Dead After a Finger Shot
10. Ty plays dead-dramatically
11. CUTE Cat Playing Dead after a finger shot!
12. Prove Hamster gets Shot and pretends to be Dead


Kira DeCoteau says:

My favorite one is 2:00. lol

Gamergirl577 Gamer77 says:

they are all so cute!

Jenna Wolford says:

0:40 scared me to death

Dracaan says:

The hamster…now thats acting!

Sam Barker says:

the last one jumped that made it ×100 cuter

nupur chatterjee says:

hamsters died…

QuantumLolliepop says:

The 2nd one was just like…

"Huh, what dya want? Nevermind. NOW RUB MY TUMMY!"

Rumana Sultana Rumi says:

0:27 to 0:40 was the best one

Nimet Şen says:

When you're so happy that you got killed and you can't stop your tail

Karen Clarke says:

So funny and cute lol

Neeky Miller says:

At 2:36 it was so funny lol 

Lilly Raawlins says:

That dolphin was adorable

Pink Pineapple says:

The German Shepard at 2:00 though

Elis Diaz says:

The german shepherd learned to play dead from 70s Kung Fu movies.

Kitty Kat says:

the German shepherd was the worst one.

ᅚᅚᅚᅚ says:

Dat finger pistols work o_o tryed that on my friend, however he didnt die :/ besides that, that video is totally awesome !

Jefry Xavier says:

Well, there you have it, even pets are watching too much TV!

SwegMan YT says:

2:33 Lmao

Icon G says:

R.I.P they will be remembered press f to pay respeks

Teenthings says:

My pit bull used to play dead

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