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The Siberian Husky is not as not to offend the child, so they do not get up with a dog.

If the children in the family

Huskies are very fond of children. Modern dog breeding is not known cases of attacks on the baby husky.
But, child education and training of dogs in this duet, played a decisive role.


World VisaCenter says:

And they live next to a man constantly helping him in everything, more than 3 thousand years. And that's why for them many legends about them stack up stories, and they are even present in the religious beliefs of the people, such as people believe that the two dogs of this breed guarding the gates of heaven. Do not guessed yet? Then let us tell you a beautiful legend, and all becomes clear.
Siberian Husky description of the content and photos

When very cold when the ground long polar night and hungry months woman waiting men sea fishing, and all of them there and not when there is no more food and feeble people have no opportunity to warm and feed the children, but this dog is its warmth warms babies .

For thousands of years these dogs see blue ice, snow white, sometimes black, sometimes blue cold ocean water. That and look at the eyes of these dogs – cold, blue, with black pupils. In those eyes reflected a thousand-year history and, it seems eternity. The history of these dogs are so old that they lived in the days when the earth went huge mammoths. They have something to tell a man if he wants to listen to them. These dogs have a soul, if you do not believe me, look into their eyes and see. And these dogs are so wise that they do not have to be evil. They do not bite people, they lived too long with people and love them too.
Even they do not bark as the rest of their relatives. They do not bark, they growl, grumble, they greet and socialize. Sometimes they howl when rolls nostalgia for the old days when there was a cramped apartment trimmed bushes and rolled into the asphalt of the streets. When a person is shared with them extracted meat and warmed himself at a campfire after a long day's journey into the freezing cold.
What they do not know, it's protected. They just do not understand why this is necessary. After the north – boundless, and it belongs to everyone who is able to survive in it. Without exaggeration – a perfect dog. Guess? Such a description fits only one dog in the world – it is the Siberian Husky. On the history of breeding this breed of dog can not tell you anything.

Food Club (Food-net-ua Еды нет) says:

Siberian Husky dog, specially bred to pull sleds. All the members of this breed is incredibly active, agile and bold. The Siberian Husky is always in search of work, can not simply sit or lie on the ground.

There is a statement that the Husky was born to run, so for those who are going to keep the dog in an apartment, you need to be prepared for constant long walks. Better yet, if the owner will engage in sports such as agility. In winter, the Huskies will be a great joy sledding children, bringing them into raptures, if he does not give the dog loads, it is bored and fade away. So, before you take the house Husky, you need to think about whether you can allow it to run on a daily basis.

The popularity of the breed has received because of the beautiful appearance, blue eyes Husky will not leave anyone indifferent.

Husky perfect companion for all dog never hurt a child, and on the other hand, will take care of it, protect it. Of course, the Husky has a very stubborn character, and if you do not engage in training and education, you can get just does not control the dog. Nastiness at Husky is virtually absent, which is not surprising, because the breed is bred not for protection, and for work. In addition, Husky pack animals, so they will only be happy if in the house there will be other dogs. You can also note that each dog breed Siberian husky has its own character, and the owner can only use it right and slightly adjusted.

Coat Huskies are incredibly thick and fluffy, the dog can sleep in the snow at any frost or freeze. Color can be any. Ears are. Tail Husky is very similar to a wolf, raised only in the ring, like huskies.

Breed standards:

Height: 54-60 cm

Weight: 20-27 kg

Lifespan: 12-14 years.

Dogs of this breed tolerate heat very badly, because they have been bred in the Far North, where the constants frosts. Therefore, it is desirable to keep the dog Laika is an apartment or house. The best place for her aviary and shed, with the possibility of regular walking and jogging.

Полезные Советы says:

Siberian husky
This wonderful breed has been bred in the harsh conditions. The Chukchi used them as sled dogs, guard, herding. In fact, the Siberian Husky dog ​​versatile, is particularly endurance, strength, quickness, great moves severe frosts and even heat our latitudes. This breed of dog can not be kept in an apartment in the city, if the dog will not be able to run freely. Siberian Husky loves to run, develops a tremendous speed, which is not surprising, because all these qualities are inherent in the very nature of it.
If you dream of a husky puppy, you should know that the dog is too expensive, the content of such a dog, too, costs are not cheap. Outside of a dog is really very beautiful, but still the dog is not for everyone. Usually attracts the cute puppies with blue eyes, people are buying a dog, just looking at the picture, and in a year gets more serious dog who wants to run, want to work, but does not have such an opportunity. As a result, everyone suffers – and the owner and the dog.
You can not start a husky pensioners, those who do not like an active lifestyle. Best if the Huskies will live in a family of hunters, sportsmen. The most important thing for the Huskies – movement!
Huskies are very fond of children. Modern dog breeding is not known cases of attacks on the baby husky. But the child's upbringing and training of dogs in this duo play a crucial role. Huskies love to play with children, run, jump – the best partner for the games the child is not found. Explain to your child how to behave with the dog. Know that Siberian Husky never bite a child, do not hurt him. Your task is the same that would monitor the behavior and attitude of your child to the dog. Do not let the hurt dog, teach the child to be kind and considerate. And you will see what kind and caring nurse may be the Huskies!
In principle, the Huskies can live in the apartment, but on condition that they will be able, at least a couple hours a day to run without a leash. The city can not let go of a dog, it is better to be able to go into the woods, into the field. At the place where you can run, frolic, to stretch their legs. Remember that the Huskies could not without movement, he was born to run, hunt, work … you need to train any dog. And no matter where she will live and which function to carry. The dog should know at least the basic commands. Huskies – working dogs and without a competent training can not keep them. If the dog does not train, it will become ungovernable, and so the dog becomes dangerous to society. Huskies are intelligent dogs, but this is a breed that has the character, so it is desirable that it was engaged in training specialist.
Should I start a husky? Siberian Husky – sociable dog or a companion dog. I get along well with people and other animals. Huskies are not tied to a single host, they certainly are equally fond of the whole family, all obey their masters.
This dog, which almost not affected by disease, they are always born healthy offspring. In the food unpretentious, neat and accurate.
If you decide to get a dog breed Siberian Husky, think carefully whether you can give the dog everything it needs. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and crank the Siberian Husky. And believe me, a kind, gentle and loyal friend for the whole family you will not find in the whole world.

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