BarkleyThePom Top Video Compilation | Best Videos of 2013


CJ Cosar says:

I'm getting the same puppy as that

CJ Cosar says:


princebravewolfx animal jam says:

R.I.P Baby xox

Jamie Moench says:

what breed is he?

BluSkye says:

Thinking of getting a pug or a pom??? What do you think???

That niga paul says:

im in love with this dog

Killer XP says:

I cried when I found he died.

Leslie Galindo says:

R.I.P bby we will all miss you :'(

Shiba Princess says:

RIP Barkley 💓

Bethany Hugs says:

Is it just me that wishes they would do a Barkley and jiff meet up 

Ciara O'Connor says:

Boo is ugly compared to Barkley

Ciara O'Connor says:


Ciara O'Connor says:

When Barkley dies, my soul will shatter into a million little bitty pieces and never heal.

coco the minion says:

Soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Davyn Colon says:

Congrats on being the cutest dog in tge World. 2nd place. Is boo

BellaSwift says:

those barbies love the affair with you huh?

That Editer says:

i wish that boo was this cute! i love barkley so much :D

Dralou 773 says:

So cute! :D

Jordan Rivera says:

I want this dog sooooooo bad 

ItsSharp10 says:

I own a pom but its black and orange

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