Ultimate Funny Pug Video Compilation 2013 [HD]

Cute and funny pug dog videos for you to enjoy!

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Nina nguyen says:

Doggie DJο»Ώ

Roxane Burcham says:

awwwwww =-Oο»Ώ

Wayne Malone says:


NinjaRAWLegend says:

I made a 3D printed Bah Humpug: http://shpws.me/L55aο»Ώ

Fireman 0804 says:

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ο»Ώ

James Of Team Rocket says:

I wish i had a dog )': criesο»Ώ

Rita Sharma says:

When I showed it to my pug he started jumpingο»Ώ

Baby Animal Tube says:


Geographical Gamer says:

0:45 that was not a pugο»Ώ

TheDeadRaptor says:

The DJ bit amazed meο»Ώ

Sasha Boltyishev says:

это Π±Ρ‹Π»ΠΎ ΠΎΡ‡Π΅Π½ΡŒ смСшно

Taylor Shelton says:

0:43 that's not a pug LOLο»Ώ

michael douglas says:

Pugs are a born deformity. They suffer terribly because people love their peculiarities. It is heart breaking how the dogs suffer.ο»Ώ

The Diamond //Ninja says:

so so cute I love pugs so muchο»Ώ

PΓ©turs Ragnarsson says:

It's an frech bulldog at 0:50ο»Ώ

Nikolaj Jensen says:


Peyton Long says:

0:59 wow, lifting his head really takes a lot out of 'em.ο»Ώ

Rory Sholl says:

the one at 4:19 made me laugh so hard, i had to watch it many more times, i love the pug, its my favorite small dog.ο»Ώ

Cal Ann says:

It's zoo cute how can you say no to these pugs?!?ο»Ώ

Marika rep says:

Little pugs are cute but big aren'tο»Ώ

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