Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014

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Scared of Shadow

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

Video Credit [ by order of appearance ]:

1. Baby scared of shadow –…
2. Funny Baby Scared of His Shadow –…
3. granddaughter Pressley is afraid of her shadow –…
4. Baby Tyson afraid of his own shadow –…
5. Baby Alahni scared of her on shadow –…
6. Ben and his shadow –…
7. Janka afraid of her shadow –…
8. Jack found his shadow! –…
9. dancing baby confused when seeing his own shadow –…

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Stephen Box says:

Some of you peoples post prove that you are straight up Morons and its plane to see that you are of the Libtard Mind Set!

Bree Brzezinski says:

When I was a baby my mom said my dog would not leave my side. Then he passed away.😓😢😭

Jennifer Montalvo says:

aww that's so sweet ha

Shan Yaku says:

at 01:06 oh my GOD! what is that noise? im scared oh shiet im scared.. wait.. that lil dude must be scared too.. dont worry lil dude, ill protect you.. im scared but ill protect you lil dude.

dogs so cute and brave.

aquitaineq says:

with the dogs who are with the sleeping baby I feel they are like, "It took me SIX hours to get this kid to sleep so don't you dare wake him/her!"

FKite294 says:

1:21 What a beautiful dog :3

Andy Rattan says:

the dog was like my baby dont touch him

MarcoAndTheMachine says:

the puppy protecting the baby from the hoover moved me to tears

Twin Jalanugraha says:

why wake up a baby? for a video shoot?

arun kaushik says:

such an irresistible time waste!!!!

Oswaldo Reyes says:

Beautiful videos. I remember we had a collie – German Shepherd when i was a boy growing up here in NYC. He was so mean and dangerous, we could not walk him outside unless we put a muzzle on him . we named him snoopy. No one could near our apartment. He was really protective of my mother, my brothers and sisters as well. My dad trained him to protect us. One day our neighbor knocked on our door and my sister opened the door, she did not put snoopy away in the room. I heard a lot of screaming in the hallway and when i ran to see what was going on because i knew right away that snoopy was attacking someone, snoopy was standing on two legs and he had our neighbor pinned against the wall ,showing him all his teeth. He would not let him move. My mother God rest her soul had to pull him off. Snoopy lived with us until he passed away at the age of 19 human years.

Amanda Blazza says:

I must protect the teeny tiny bald human puppy.

Genocide Lv says:

Dogs are the best animals

Desiree Bagot says:

those are the cutest baby's ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minita Bathija says:

Why would a dog protect the baby against its own people?

69op2gg1005ify0m says:

what would be the most awesome if that pitbullish looking dog at 2:14 actually killed the parent by protecting a child


: 53 is that a chiwawa Doberman Mix ?????

Brooke Logan says:

these people got good dogs haha

Brittany Avis says:

I like the parents who act like they want to hurt the child and the dog protects them. the kids know it is an act but the parents will always know that in case of danger they can always know the dog will protect the child.

cbrpapasouzas says:


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