Dog and owner perform a cute Grease dance routine. [VIDEO]


Babes Play Games says:

This is a great video! The dog smiles the entire time! :-)

Stephen Bruce says:

Amazing . I remember on "King of the Hill" episode, People do that? That is one special couple… Cheers

kukana228 says:

Happy! Happy! Happy! Thank you for posting. Enjoy this so much. Made my day.

Elvis Chick says:

2 thumbs up

George Pope says:


AJ Phillips says:

That dog is really enjoying the performance.

Leanne Haddock says:


Wildman says:

Totally Awesome….

veronica tarlitz says:

That was so cute! Should have put him in a leather jacket though haha

Carrie Dunne says:

I think these two are the best. Have watched this many times and always makes me feel happy. Great story of how she started.

Joe Masters says:

Proof that no dog's potential should ever be underestimated. :)

Jack Challenger says:

The bond between a dog and the master, in this case the mistress, is the most powerfull of all in the animal kingdom.  This
display of love and trust is unparalled in anything I have ever seen before.  Make no mistake about it, a lot of this was very
difficult for the dog but, he did it with heart and joy to please.  As a people we could learn a lot just from this display of
kindness and respect.  God bless you and long life to you both.

Melissa Hawn says:


DZIABONG Cleo says:

Great! :)

Nina Svele says:

Just amazing to see such connection…

Tanim Sharif says:

He i pink?

Richard J. Valenta says:

that was AWESOME!

747readyfortakeoff says:

Who would give this a thumbs down? What a fun video!

Tiffeny Pelley says:

That's awesome, she and that golden work great together, you can tell there is a strong bond there, most anybody can teach a dog a trick, but to do it with such charisma!

janet platz says:

I love this performance.  Thank you for showing the performance on You tube.

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