Funny Dogs Compilations 2015 – Funny Franks – Funny Videos – Funny Dogs by I’m a Dog.

Dogs are lovable animals because of the adorable and naughty of them.
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Pro Why says:

At 4:13 it's but is up 😅

DogsAreAwesome says:

Hahahahhh!! Dogs are super funny!!
Here are more videos of funny dogs! #PLoyufh4kSBF6

Bojidar Nikolov says:

7:53 the dog was just like "help me"

Don of your family says:

Illuminati asshole

agus agus says:

una cagada!!!!!!!!

Perla Vera says:

Boring and stupid:(!!!

TheRrentz says:

Most of these were not funny and almost all of the clips went on way too long.

Nightcore Rubie says:


My music says:

so funny for the first dog

Marian Macovei says:

So Funny

Marian Macovei says:

Is bune baloanele?
Cea mai tare faza!

Linda Maria says:

so funny

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