Dog flips over his new ball! FAIL!

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ИƎKЯOƧ says:

This is ground control to major tom..

scurrg says:

press 2, repeatedly

Anime XxChickZxX says:

I need a slow motion of just the flip

I Bey says:

funny can't stop giggling

Miss Diamond says:

lol this so funny  make more videos plea

DualHeroes64 says:

Dog be speeding as if it was from f zero. But fucking flips the fuck over 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
This is so fucking hilarious 

xShiro94 says:

did someone have make a WASTED vid of this?

Billie says:


blackrainbows123 says:

Please consider glasses

Avocadoman007 says:

That looks like a goat

isa edis says:


mr vehnu says:

After that she is like: I don't care and runs faster

ruben luJAN says:

double front flip

Yusuke DoesGames says:


Maurice Nuis says:


alexelspoblets says:


Ebbe Lightyear says:

Nice vid man 😉

las buscadoras de fantasmas says:

pobrecito debia de hacerse daño¡

Max Towers says:

The dog was going to hump the ball at the end.

ConnorandBrighton123 says:

That is so funny

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