Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2013 [NEW HD]

Soldiers coming home to their best dog friends

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Alma Ramirez says:

amazing a puppy or dog cares so much for it's true freind

Montserrat Bueno says:

i'm not crying you are

Connor Burnett says:

no truer friendship than that of a dog

Cutie pieMaya says:


Hamza Farz says:

tou les solda von a la guerre en croin de ne plu revoir sa famille

Joanne Lee says:


Werdna Nosnhoj says:

How can anyone not like these videos, mans best friend

nong jub says:

😂 😂😂 😂😂

911ambulancegirl says:

I used to LOVE these dogs welcoming soldiers home videos until I found out that a lot of soldiers and their families are uploading videos of "dogs welcoming the soldier home" after like a weekend of training somewhere, so the solider is only gone for two or three days or a week at most, and then they come back and the family videos the dog's reaction of them coming home, so basically it's the same as me videoing my dog's reaction of my husband (who is a police officer) coming home at night.  The whole POINT to these dog reaction videos was to see the bond of dog and owner and how the dog STILL remembered and loved their soldier even after months or years of deployment, not just a couple of days.  It really soured the whole dog reaction videos for me, because you NEVER know which videos are 'real' and which ones are, in my opinion, 'fake'.  Not that I don't appreciate the sacrifice of a few days work, I'm just saying the entire point of the dog reaction video was the length of time between the last time the dog saw the person.  That was the ENTIRE POINT.

Brad Eaton says:

what breed was that first dog??

poodtang1 says:

Is it true that dogs will bite if over excited.

Jaidon Johnson says:

See most people say dogs have no feelings but really they do

Paula Spicijarić says:

First dog, than wife :D

Inachu Ikimasho says:

Wow! they are so white!

Charlie Riser says:

Im just assuming that the ones who hit the dislike button meant to hit the like button but were crying so hard they missed :')

Luz Alegria de Duarte says:


Hearts Amess says:

So sweet…. The love of a dog is so pure… Great video….

ExiledCarebear says:

someone needs to tell the dog at 2:02 that, well um shes not a puppy anymore that's a lie bless her

Ed Bengtson says:

Beautiful, very very touching!

Pissyfeet says:

I like this videi because my dad was in the army himself for 24 years. 

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