Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD]

Cats and Dogs love their fur-less counterparts, babies.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Mindy Hayes says:

how can people let their dogs lick their babies in the mouth that is disgusting they don't need to be recording that!

Sims Whispers says:

0:25 I can't imagine the girl's face and she gonna see this video X)

Kdkdk Kdkdkd says:

love cat

Tammy Henderson says:

what is wrong with that stupid ass mother.  She need her ass kicked

Kenia Adame says:

the 3rd one is good

Христо Искров says:

cuteness level 999999999


letting your dog luck your baby in the north is Fucking disgusting. might as well let the baby drink sewer water. ..

No Name says:

3:35 best friends :)

Buzio B says:

The second video is disgusting, makes me sick.

Olivia Robinson says:

wow I've never seen a dog make out with a baby before

calzadaw says:

63    too olf for babies

MSP iiCookiee says:

Huskies are so beautiful. 😍

alida marshall says:

+Donald trump I don't know

Dustin HUynh says:

6:15 stop playing with your dinner

Fiona Fionamay says:

the dog is biting the baby and if a baby a new born you shouldn't let a dog lick her or him and you shouldn't let the baby lick the dog you want them to get sick?

‫بدوي عتبان‬‎ says:

يازينهم الصغار

Donny Galeano rojas says:

The Cat Is licking The Baby

Kelley Maybe says:

Why on earth would you let that dog lick the baby in the mouth? Gross!!! Bad parent!!!


She may get infection

Jocelyna Ramirez says:

😆😂ha ha ha ha love it

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