Trick or Treat? – Funny Dogs Halloween Dog Tricks

This is the first short film that Splash and Kiko have made together! Both dogs decide to go out trick or treating on Halloween night. Watch to see what happens when they come to a certain house to beg for treats.

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Splash and Kiko have been trained using only positive reinforcement training and not forms of positive punishment.

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Animal luver says:

how cute the dog was in the sheet

Anton Markovskis (TGFAnton) says:

Wow, the dog is in the KKK

Miguel Gutierrez says:

hahahah stupid man

Miguel Gutierrez says:

that man is so mean

Miguel Gutierrez says:

cool and CUTE

Katie Mae Caine says:

well my dog did wander off leaving some sweets then leaving a fire bottle at a house well that what he gets well the over dog was cute

Kirsty Pearce says:

Not really nice to the big dog

Tiara Robinson says:

funny make more

Duzell26 says:

Don't mind me, just rewatching again this year ^^
Still feel so bad for the big dog, i liked his costume and he made it himself. He's so cute, and the small dog too :-)

Luis Villa de Leon says:

that lesses share dumd

Janet Hopotoa says:

it,s suppose to be a ghost

Sheep Creep says:

Someone copied this video!

Austin Montoya says:

give the big dog some candy Not bones

Austin Montoya says:

that's not a stupid costume that's a cute costume

Daniella Delgado says:

that was he gets for doing that is so s$ sssssssssssssssss $ ssssssssssssssssssssssssssad

foom5 says:

Paul McCartney ??

People Smile says:

Come, Look, Suscribe! 🙂

ClashersMoo says:

That's mean to the dog saying a stupid costum

Justin Maldonado says:

Make more please that was sweet

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