Funny Dog Vine Compilation 2015

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brosep 263 says:

whats the song at 0:15? please and thank you in advance :)

Emily Hall says:

2:07 that is so my dog

Emily Hall says:

0:18 lol that one got me

AlpacaObsessed says:

The dog at 0:35 looks like a panda.

Annette Schaefer says:

that one dog with the circle hair

Jonas Ruud says:

But, keep up the good vidioes

Jonas Ruud says:

Why do you have so sad music in the end?😱

Demonicangel 1 says:

I love your vids they always make me happy keep up the gods work

Brianna Brayboy says:

I like the one when he was putting his foot in the dogs face and the dog was getting mad

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