Easy, Dog Trick: How to Teach your Dog to Speak or Bark When you Ask.

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When teaching your dog anything, the goal should be to encourage them to perform the desired action on their own accord. In general we should avoid making them do things and instead make them WANT to do what it is we ask. “Speak” is a great example. No matter how much you want a dog to bark at your request, you cannot force them to. Therefore, we must find a way to motivate them to do this. In this video, I’ll show you a way to accomplish this!


lpssensation dj lps lover says:

Teach your dog to do gymnastics

Devyn Delgado says:

I tried this and my dog did it really quickly

Amila Shafi says:

pretty good

CookingQueen :D says:

it doasnt work its imposible

Promzy Swagz says:

Hello zak
I'm in Lagos Nigeria and I need a clicker
Been searching 🔎 for one, and nowhere!

Issa Alyatim says:

I've been trying to teach my dog to speak just like you performed with energy and she gets bored of the treat easily without barking. What should I do?

Shaun Sutton says:

i hate my dog she dont do shit

ashleycam72 says:

my dog is like 3 months but he mever barks XD

Thomas Travis says:

Get the right info, tools and confidence through videos to correct ANY dog behaviour.

Dorene Mellene says:

I love the way this guy got so excited when his dog spoke that he kissed his dog on top of the head. I'm going to try this with my dog, I figure why not? I've tried everything else, and she just stares at me. She only barks when someone comes in my gate. Thanks for sharing.

oa1986 says:

is it necessary to teach the speak on command with a clicker?

Indecent Exposure says:

that was awesome!! thank you!! I've been trying to teach my dog this trick for ever! watched your video and she learned in under 4 minutes!

joshuajames tigas says:

man,,i like on how you train your dog zak,,,i hope i can teach my dog using your guide:)

Toxic Peach says:

Are you on cocaine or something?

Esmeralda Anguiano says:

no way cool I

Noir Angel says:

Doesn't work. My dog hasn't barked since she was about 4 months old. None of these videos work 🙁 And I know how to train my dog. She knows about 10 different commands

Stroppy says:

Judging by the comments section and my past 2 dogs this simply does not work.

Waylon Greger says:

I really like how you train without the use of shock collars and such. I swear, you are like the only one.

futureengineerable says:

I love how active you are.

jenelle tyler says:

did not work at all

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