Cat vs Dog: A Trick Contest

With more tricks up their sleeves, Nana the Border Collie and her best buddy Kaiser the Bengal cat are back competing in a contest to determine who does the best tricks.

The competition is fierce…. and close…… leaving the final decision up to you to decide: Who wins??

All tricks are taught using positive reinforcement and the clicker.

Nana and Kaiser are available for print ads, commercials, film, and other media work. If you are interested in using one of them for your project, please contact us:

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music.

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Mc Trouble says:

I think Nana won. If you look at her video, you will see.

MC Nerd says:


Mauricio Martinez says:

the dog win

Jeff Danburg says:

the cat or the dog I don't know which one but I seen that happen. I don't know which one

mr_cysio says:

This video just made me realise how lazy are cat owners :D

Zoie Rector says:

I think the cat won because with some dogs it doesn't take that long to teach them a new trick but cats on the other hand lose interest very easily but that's just my opinion

Jamie says:

Dog wins

Untitled says:

Nana, win for sure

Cali Hyre says:

There both awesome


Cat for the win!!😸🐈❤️💙💚💜

Hugo Celis says:


Joshua Coria says:

the dig won

Todd Fannin says:

Nana good job

Maggie Schroeder says:

I think Kaiser wins because I've tried training cats vs dogs and cats are HARD. Dogs are pretty easy.

Kanan Kolesnikoff says:

NANA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mal Richmand says:

I think Nana did everything better

German Lal says:

Dog win!

Fennekin KagamineYT says:

your pets are very talented!

Umair Zishaan says:

I think the dog won

Kobe Daniels says:

the cat cause cats are harder to train tricks to and how many tricks it did is amazing. plus dogs can learn tricks easy.

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