Video 34: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! A dog sleeping with his KITTENS

My dog Murkin loves his kittens! Super cuteness overload! Filmed with a nikon D3100*. For more videos, check out our youtube channel, or find Murkin on Facebook at
*corrected, I had originally said it was a nikon D3000 but it was the D3100


Prowler92NS says:

ohhh they share fleas, how cute :D

Robert Price says:

Nature at its very best. You are blessed indeed with your Murkin.  One in a million…

Mickey Nash says:

beautiful, adorable, what a good dog and awesome kitties

brunsugar1 says:

to joel750.. You are a sick minded, evil piece of shit yourself. Someone should drown your ass in the toilet and throw you in the trash where your sick useless ass belongs. All animals are Gods creatures and should be loved and care for like anything else.

Huck Perry says:


mikilavush says:

Sweet creations. Glory to the God of Jesus Christ!

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Linda perrita mi hermana se encontro una gatita y la de mi otra herma no la quiere nadie la quiere mas qe lo bebes gatitos de su edad y mis ermanas /mi hermana y yo

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Qe dise chino

jingel2554 says:

I miss my cat 😢😢😢😢

Đậu Đen says:

Can I know the name's song this clip?

VonArgylle says:

Reminds me of when I was a kid, I was playing Nintendo and looked over to see my German Shepherd curled up on the couch watching me. Meanwhile my sister's Siamese was curled up on top of her, asleep. Sadly this was in the era before smartphones, and when I got up to get a camera, the Shepherd did what she always did and followed me. Never will forget that image though.

Teuvo Matala says:

That is some serious cuteness overload!

joel750 says:

Keep the dog but get rid of those USELESS pieces-of-shit furry fuckers called cats! I would keep the dog and I would drown those cats in the toilet then throw it in the garbage. No use keeping a bunch of worthless and useless animals who does nothing but eat sleep play and poop and not much else.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz says:

hola los vídeos son bonitos y me llamo Juan y quien quiere ser mi amigo

zabibullahastaroth says:

My day was horrible till I saw this video:)

Jayna B. Music4You says:

They are adorable !!! Beautiful family :)

Speaks2Much says:

Murkin is so tired always drowning in pussy

Knufflebeest says:

All together now! Awwwwwwwww! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mini Mixers says:

awww my head exploded

scottyboy5451 says:

That dog is a PIMP

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