Funny dog gets caught eating toilet Paper and attacks camera


WildFire says:

Omggg its so cuteee!!!! Love the part where he drops the paper from its mouth, so darn cute!!

saggioculo says:

This video is priceless!  When doggie spits paper out….I just die laughing every time!

OrualMuse says:

All witness has to die….lol

n0kiada says:

I love this dog it is so hilarious!

Hannah Krohn says:

It's not even chewing toilet paper it's just regular paper 😂

Joe Kaz says:

No witnesses!

NerfReviews657 says:

Stop recording meeeeee

gajor michel says:

0.2 sc the face of fuck i Will have problèms

Alexander Wingeskog says:

Yep thoose pudel pitbull mixes are just a accident waiting to happen ☺

Tom Kustoms says:

So Funny =)…

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