How to Introduce a NEW DOG to Your Other Pets

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MiissHappy21 says:

if I want to feed my dog twice a day when is the best time to do it?
I'm in high school I go to school from 7-3 and when I get home I edit/film my video for YouTube
I also plan on sewing this year
any idea how I can manage my time and still have give him lots of attention.
please help

Usman Dar says:


Sookkis Way says:

This was so intense!

Mido Kameel says:

i have a 3 months siberian husky and i brought a 8 weeks pitbull home yesterday they are both females the husky wants to play rough with my pitbull which is not taking it well they get into fight very often
i hope they get along well soon

C. Meagan Michael says:

Best video ever! TYTYTYTY. I have 2 cats and now 2 dogs (just adopted a puppy a couple of days ago) omgosh! I wish I had seen this video last year when I adopted my now 8 year old hound mix and introduced her (the totally wrong way) to my cats. It's all good. I am learning thanks to you. Please let me know if you are ever in the central florida area.

Everess's World says:

I have 3 Dogs
2 Sisters that are 5 Years (Risebud and Cali)
A Puppy I recently got (Dakoda)

Rosebud is all like ":( and growls at him"

alex rhein says:

I recently got a German Shepherd and my girlfriend has an Australian Shepherd mixed with collie we took them to the dog park and I had a muzzle on the German Shepherd they started playing for a few then Molly which is the Australian Shepherd was running cuz she has a lot of energy and my dog Italian or German Shepherd tripped out on her for no reason what should I do to prevent this again at the dog park and like I said they only seen each other three times

rOn wArMaN says:

Hi! I have a female 9 year old doberman, and i just got a italian greyhound female puppy, I am afraid to introduce my dogs because i don't know how the doberman is going to react. Should i put a muzzle on the doberman? Im really anxious of the introduction because the doberman is not aggressive, but she is very spoiled and she is very very close to me maybe a little jealous of me. What should i do?

Crickette Bennett says:

We are introducing our new very mixed puppy this friday to our 6 year old cat. She likes dogs, but has never lived with one. Any suggestions?

Trollgekiss says:

Im having trouble introducing my new 7 week old female shiba inu puppy to my 1 year old male pit bull. When I show her to him he makes weird yiping sounds and tries to pounce at her. I donno if it's aggressive or eagerness and im scared that if he pounces he'll hurt her cause she is fairly small. What kind of behavior is this and how should I introduce them? 

Shadow Kinz says:

I'm going to be getting a yorkie in spring and I have 2 guinea pigs

Nathan Tafolla says:

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Shay Babee says:

I just got a new puppy, and I already have a little yapper that's 7yrs. The New pup is very food aggressive because of past homes. I don't really know how to solve this. I also have an outdoor cat that's not really feeling my new pup, do you think they will get along soon? Thx so Much!

Rora Lavers says:

one cat smokey and one dog cody

Mary Beth Hull says:

We got a dog a few months ago from a friend who couldn't keep him anymore. He wasn't a year old when we got him (around 9 months), and the puppy was previously a stray that was picked up by the humane society. 3 months after we got him, we ended up moving states for my husband's job. Needless to say, this poor dog has had a hard time adjusting with all of the transitions (environment and owner) and has some anxiety. The last week though he has been getting a lot better. Well, yesterday this stray puppy followed my husband to his work, and we decided to take it in, help it get healthy, and ultimately keep her. Our current dog is fantastic with other dogs (not aggressive), but is playful and high energy (we think he's a boxer, rhodesian ridgeback mix), and he's gentle around little dogs and children. But, since we brought this little puppy home he quickly turned depressed. He is isolating himself more, is curious about the puppy but doesn't want to be around her, and if she's around us he doesn't want to be close to us. He doesn't even want to play with his toys in the house (which is bizarre). Any thoughts/advice? They're staying in separate areas right now, particularly because she is still a bit sick and needs to gain weight, but I'm a little worried about my older puppy.

Kayleigh Bowes says:

My problem is with my 3 Month kitten…today I introduced her to 1 year old family dog who lives with family and not in my current home…the dog is really exited but before she even got the chance to say hello my kitten went crazy…hair up, hissing and spitting. I thought this was weird as I have a rabbit that she tries to play with all the time and has no problem, shes has never met a dog before, is it strange that she had such a bad reaction? Is there any way of fixing this?

Merlin The Terrier says:

I have a malteese x fox terrier he is a really nice dog he is 8 weeks old when i pat him when he is hiped he bites but luckly not hard HELP

ArmorofFaith91 says:

This was rather useful.. I really wish we could have introduced our puppy to our other dogs more properly in the beginning.. we've had him for a couple of weeks now.. and he doesn't really get along with two out of three of our other dogs…. but i will try these methods. 🙂 He gets along sort of .. but when it comes to toys.. he gets rather aggressive towards some of our dogs (they've been in nasty fights about 3 times now..)

Jill Armstrong says:

I just wanted to say thank you so much, Zak, for the wonderful videos you make! I have learned so much. You are so appreciated!

Crystal Rich (Imakemyowndarkness) says:

Do you have a video up to teach dogs what is and is not a threat?  we have a 1 almost 2 year old dog and he just gets scared that everything is a threat and he wants to bite.

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