Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Part 1 2014 [NEW HD]

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Part 2:
Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers Part 3:

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Noneyour biz says:

is makes me happy

Nishon Oates says:

got me in tears 😢😭

Sparkle43130 Lps says:

Its so heart warming to see these's dogs so happy!

Debbi Mo says:

that´s why i love dogs

Tsutskiridze Ananaria says:

ome ihn goht

April Peaches says:

I promised myself I wont cry (overwhelmed tears) I cried my eyes out because its so cute 😭

DEUZ12788 says:

a dog will always be happy that you're back, he or she can't say with actual words but will demonstrate that he or she missed you

Thou Art That says:

man tears…
dogs r great

bin reading K Marlantes n Col Grossman ….. so feeling it a little for the soldiers too

Didrick Namtvedt says:

What a heartwarming collection of clips, gave me the feels <3

mikyam2 says:

a alguno solo les falta hablar, que video tan tierno

Ян Жабин says:


Matilda Wilson says:

This made me cry 🙃

Doge Gaming says:

Lol Doges Every Where

over18irish says:

every service member with a family at home should have a pet waiting, they express what everyone else feels but way more visibly <3

Trina Love says:

That last one ❤❤❤

Janine Ysabelle says:

Ummm, that big ass dog is taller than me….

Philip Hany says:

this guy at 2:18 is cold hearted asshole

MariannaEvette says:

the third dog (:

Jernstolpe says:

1:40 that's a fat dog

Marty Elkins says:

Dogs are amazing. As soon as they recognize the scent its on!

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