Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2014 [HD]

Soldiers coming home makes dogs overwhelmed with excitement!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Queen B, kinda says:

if it was a cat she would sit still and give you the 😒 look

- Purrfect - says:

the pitbull at the beginning <33

Shadow blade says:

it's so hard not to cry so just let it out

JacquelineThePurpleGirl says:

A good thing about being female:
You have no manliness to lose

Jaelen G. says:

It just warms your heart to see your best friend again

Bianca Bettin says:

This is why I love dogs❤️

Shannon Battle says:

I like puppies dogs 

Josie Gonzales says:

hey who put it onions here

mmedeuxchevaux says:

pure love. if dogs ruled the world, there would be no need for war.

SophiePlaysMc says:

I just lost my bff today this made me smile for the first time today

MrQuanthluvr says:

i think dog be like:master? did you enjoy taking all those innocent lives for petrolium?….

Ryan Coleman says:

This happens every time I leave for over an hour

Has Kk says:

The thumb nail looked as though the man and the dog were having passionate anal sex lol

Jesus Saves says:

286 pieces of human waste hate this video.

Darken NoShinka says:

Happy babies

Erica Chance says:

This is just Wow 😹

Stephanie Frye says:


Lillana Torris says:

Always expect a warm fluffy welcome from your dog, I always get one after school and in the morning

Kurious. Co says:

I have four dogs that go crazy when i leave the room for a couple of minutes… Im going on a two week holiday in a couple of days… Imagine what there gonna be like when i come back ;-;

Amber marie Lopez says:

O my good it was so cute😛😛

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