Bulldog Puppies are the cutest Puppies ever! Funny Dog Vine Compilation

In this Bulldog compilation you will find the cutest Bulldog Puppies ever. They play, eat and sleep a very cute way and sometimes we will see them fail doing something.
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Christine Poppe says:

Just darling puppies. When I first got my Spike he was so little that I had to carry him up and down the back steps to get out to the back yard – he couldn't go up or down by himself! There is no cuter puppy or more wonderful dog that a Bullie!

Joe G says:

I should have never come here because my heart is breaking all over again. I had no choice but to euthanize my bulldog of 8 years. I honestly don't think I could ever get another because it can never replace the best friend I ever had. Or any other dog for that matter.

vet2640 says:

We have a Olde English Bulldogge, slightly taller than the traditional English Bulldog, with somewhat less health issues, whatever the case, these guys are absolutely awesome! A precious family member and treated as such.

Andrea Diaz says:

so cute😍😍😍

Nicolas Caradec says:

Good moviethanks for like my page https://www.facebook.com/ZOLA-le-bulldog-820888134675540/

Elizângela Souto Maior says:

É muita fofura! Lindos!

Lucas Frieze says:

My English Bulldog is my baby, he is 6 years old now. I really want to get another one.

ggaccentc says:

Great vid!

Samantha Estrada says:

nice bitch at the end of the video in medium bed 😀👌🏼

Efi Athanassiou says:

so lovely

Lisa Warner says:

Nice video! n.n

Jacob Alferez says:

I have a English Bulldog

Leo Doyle says:

Super cute🤗

ignissz says:

40 people has no hearth

Michael VanWinkle says:

these dog are so god damn cute but they cost so much were I live

Brooke Meejs says:

This is one of the cutest bulldog videos I've ever seen, good job

DoubleTap says:

Never met a Bulldog that wasnt a goofball. They have the most personality are so much fun.

Faruk Ozdemir says:

Obeyfull marlon.. when it is about food 🙂

Sand W says:

too cute!!!

Adrian Perez says:

I have an English bulldog and it had baby's 😀😀😀🐶

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