Smart and Clever Animals

Smart and clever animals that are intelligent and some rather talented! Some are funny, some cute! A good variety too. Bear, fox, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, birds, squirrel, etc. Great watch! And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations!

Top Comments:
“8:40 Mission Impossible – starring Hamster Cruise” Wolf Moon

Video Timeline:
0:00 Cool Intro
0:11 Witty whale in aquarium repeatedly scaring little kids
0:28 Intelligent Bird goes fishing and catches a big fish!
0:59 Smart cat learns what to do to get in the house
1:32 Clever hamster finds his way into the cookie bin
2:02 Smart horse opens gate and gets into the fridge
2:34 Talented bear showing off his skills
3:19 Intelligent monkey gets a drink from a vending machine
4:24 Smart dog knows to wipe its feet before coming into the house
4:38 Talented raccoon shows how he can walk the rope
4:54 So you didn’t know dogs could surf? Neither did I
5:06 Parrot finds a way to get his nut
5:28 Cute intelligent dog tries to teach baby how to crawl
5:44 Smart creative bird discovers sledding
6:06 Tiger the horse displays his intelligence
6:25 Clever cat lets the dog out
6:40 Since when can goats open car doors?
6:53 Crafty raccoon steals cat food then runs off on hind legs
7:10 Smart dolphin teases seagull with a fish
7:31 This duck is all of them. Smart, crafty, intelligent, and clever!
7:51 Smart and clever fox displays his awesome hunting skills
8:18 Escape artist hamster
8:45 So.. Dogs can also skateboard!
9:00 Super smart crow is super creative
9:27 Two intelligent bears wave to people driving by


Teth47 says:

I think we all need to appreciate that that little monkey just casually leapt twice his body height. That'd be like me just casually hopping up onto the roof of a large shed.

Not going to Upload says:

Song @ 2:34?

Moi Moimême says:

7:02 It makes my day everyday,

Ellie Dorough says:

7:10 is just plain mean

ahmad mohammad says:

8:50 he should be in a compition 1

Israel Silva says:

the dog at 5:29 reminds me of Herbert the pervert

stefxd rentz says:

song of video start?

stefxd rentz says:

song of video start?

L Broderick says:

I know crows are very smart. Once, my Mom told me about watching two crows walk up our driveway, and she said it was like watching two little old men talking to each other as they were walking. They seemed very involved in their conversation.

ChrisHavok17 says:

Animals are much more intelligent tan we give them credit for. I love them all :)

Malique Miller says:

I LOVED that bear trick!

Tudor Stanica says:

that monkey impressed me

Kitty Kat says:

Wow loved all these animals they sure do have the smarts

Film Producer says:

I think that's a guy in a bear costume in the lst tone.

bobby thiên hà nhỏ says:

thông mình quá

bloodlucky says:


idk if this is my new weed strain or if it's actually fucking funny but that dog clip was the funniest thing I've seen this year

Isabel Jones says:

The bird went fishing and used bait. That is smart

photeek chondro says:

Who said only humans can make tools. That crow just did that 'naturally'. WoW.

Mitchel Vandercline says:

I like the little monkey one

Scutteredband says:

I love the bear one

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