Funny Talking Dogs Compilation 2014 – Talking Dog Videos

A dog that tries to talk can be so funny and cute. Who wouldn’t want a talking dog as a pet. Check out these funny talking dogs in this cute videos compilation.


Paul H says:

so good. thank you !

Deaven Shank says:

the first and second dogs were so cute

Lee Vi says:

Does anyone know the breed of the last dog?

Zoe Eliz says:

the last dog sounded like a baby!

Tonja Casimir-Buckner says:

Czar…my love. Don't tell maxxe

SuperEpicFunny says:

Same music as super Mario Logan at end

rita Zouein says:

01:48 😁

Mara Dulog says:

I just want to take them all home and hug the cute out of them

TokyoBro HD says:

the third one makes me lmfao

Harmke De Zwart says:

the first dog is so cute

Cassandra Alison says:

the first dog was look like my uncle!!make me laugh..but He's cute and funny!!

Ellen Munsey says:

May I please use this footage for a music video I wish to make? It's a gift for YouTubers I'm very fond of.

Candace Barillas says:

2:30 is so cute it sounds like a kid 😆😆😆😇😇

life hope says:

and 4 and 5 i love em all

life hope says:

oh god 3rddog so cute it sounded like a baby

Kayla Murphy says:

so cute I love dogs

Angel Rodriguez says:

first dog that came out beautifull

Foxtrot Fluffy says:

The first one,

He wants Waffles.

Riccy Reyes says:

it is so funny

CheezycakezAJ says:

that last one was so cute i was taken to the cuteness universe and was greeted by nyan nyan cat who acted as my guide and we befriended the unicorns who let us watch the last puupy. that is the story of my life :I

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