Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2012 [HD]

Soldiers coming home to their lovable pups! Man’s best friend!

Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers 2014 –

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Ben Yu says:

3K cat people are here.

SuperSaiyan Konah says:

when u click on the video it looks like the dog is being choked to death……and he loves sniffing dogs

‫حكيم الشباب‬‎ says:

شي حلوو

Kathy Whaley says:

omg i wish i was one of thoes dogs because i wish i that much attention i get atteiton but not that much

Melissa Romano says:

This video was so cute!I was going "Awwww,so sweet!Oh my god how these dogs react to these people!They love them so much!Awwwww"half of the video.But really,to be really honest,my dog ,like I could leave for like 2 minutes and she would like attack me with her tail.She would also be like "Arooorororoororoooo!".Sometimes she even pees…….The whole thing goes like this:Me:*walks out* my dog:*goes and stares out window* me*walks further* my dog :*squeals* me:*walks back toward my house* my dog :*wags tail,walks to door to greet me*one of my family members:*grabs onto my dogs collar*me:*walks in*my dog:*runs out the door,wags tail,kisses me,goes right against my legs,sometimes pees*me hi little puff*my dog,most likely thinks ;oh my god,where have you been?me"Oh my god,I only left for 2 minutes ans ur so happy!"my dog probably thinks,"maybe in human time u left for 2 minutes,but in dog time you left for 2 years!"my dog *pees*me:*stars to take off shoes*my dog:*follows me*me,"move Molly!I have to take my shoes off!"Molly: bites shoes*Molly most likely thinks,"OH MY GOD,I BETTER SMELL UR SHOES,THEY SMELL SO WOOFIN GOOD!WAIT,IS THAT ROAD I SMEEL?OR IS IT DIRT?IDK BUT IT SMELLS GOOD!LET ME HAVE A LICK!"*licks shoe*"NICE TASTE,THATS TOTALLY DIRT!WELL IM VRY WOOFIN HAPPY TO C U BUT I HAVE GOT TO GO HAVE A CUP OF…….STINKY FEET BEFORE I COME BACK.BYE.L8VE YOU TO P7ECES."*licks brothers sticky feet,repeats whole thing (exept for me leaving).Thats how it goes!

Suzy Kaur says:

Oh god that's so sweet

Paris Garton says:

17 seconds

Mr. EXTREME says:

God bless ALL the soldiers that risk there lives for us.

Amanda Gamble (Corndog) says:

Who couldn't like this…… like WTF

Holly L says:

Why would anyone dislike this???????

banele ndlovu says:

I will never get that wonderful hug from my dog. She died last month 😪

Collin says:

Soldiers ? You're kidding, right ?

Štěpánka Běhounková Bezzubkacz says:

awwwww i cried a bit

Strawberry211 says:

Is it ok that I shed some tears?

Astric Pacheco says:

I love this it was adorable omg it made me cry bc it was so happy

Kaydence Buchanan says:

that is sad and funny

amy hess says:


Silver Shadow says:

And people say animals don't have emotions.

Silver Shadow says:

And people say animals don't have emotions.

Kristen Ezzell says:

i just want to say thank to soldiers in this vid

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