This is one Smart dog, maybe even the smartest dog in the world


This dogs listens to every command from his owner before getting the ball on the count of three (3). A Very Smart Dog, maybe the smartest dog in the world


exquisiteillusions says:

thats mostly herding training right there though. =p

Bacon Bits says:

not the smartest dog in the world

36Rza says:

Dinky Di!

Boschty Zupancic says:

Don't you think it's a hoax ? :-/

animaljamvidchannel says:

Its kinda mean and funny…


i don't get it

Lynn Reedy says:

Awesome !

abdirhman ali says:

its beautiful

Caz Green says:

What is with the pathetic laughing in the background!!

Bassam Chehab says:

why the fuck they are laughing ?????

Blade says:

he or she is making tricks. it wont mean its smartest dog in the world or very smart, border collie can make math

Duane Max says:

Poorly edited voice over !!!
The dog was NOT obeying any commands given by the guy in the vide…

CatGoesQuack says:

it's sad to think that everyone thinks this is edited

Xanxei says:

The comments below are weirding me out – are people actually buying this and not realising it's been voiced over after filming? I mean there's always one or two people who fall for the dumbest tricks, but this is almost everybody. What the hell?

Sierra Vernon says:

Nice :-)

Michael Lodwich says:

This is a wonderful dog. So awesome. Loved it.

Kyle TheRedFish says:

maybe he just voiced over a video he took of his dog

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