The World’s Most Funny Dog Videos 2013

Funny Dog Compilation 2013



that poor dog though the one with the tiger "x

Chiraq Insomniac says:

almost every animal video has tons of downvotes. really pathetic. fucking SJWs

Jonathan Bradford says:

6:20 that one's you better move the Frick away from my house idiot

Aaron Redd says:

That Labrador was gargling in his sleep.

Aaron Redd says:

0:11 I was literally crying my butt off.😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Blaze Flame Princess 0308 says:

is that a trained tiger?

Blaze Flame Princess 0308 says:

is that a trained tiger?

Travis “Snow” Storm says:

That tiger.. 0.o

PatAscent says:

the dog at 2 19 after he tried the lemon was probably like "this is the fruit of the antichrist I must exorcise and bury it where no one can find it. I will take a hit for the greater good of the world"

Silvana Laze says:

hahaha i love everyting with dogs

Moto Kun says:


Vivi Awesome says:

I call this a laugh riot!! Yeah!! Eeeeeee😝

3DaiYo4Kai56 says:

Is that a corgi? 3:21

Supernaut MC says:

At 1:03 that dog is like "OH HELLL NO"

hAzArDzOnE says:

dog: WTF you looking at? wanna eaty my ass?

James Of Team Rocket says:

doge with it

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