Meet Porter. The World’s First Driving Dog.

Dogs this smart deserve a home.
Every year, the SPCA need to find homes for thousands of dogs just like Porter — dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or just forgotten. Our dogs may be a motley bunch, but they’re all smart and they’re all lovable. So please don’t forget about them. Adopt them.
To find out more about our #drivingdogs head to or visit today to adopt a dog.


Sinema Severler says:


Maria Cullen-Martin says:

Great Video ..  Smart Dog!!  Dogs always there for humans!

steve jaubert says:

Yes, this works until they want to mark the police car and forget to turn off the ignition before raising that leg.

Gentleman says:

The even funnier part is that this dog is better at driving than most people i see on the road.


is this real I dant think so well I do kind of if it si it has talent

dr maheshkumar Vaidya says:

wow dear it's lovely

William quispe moran says:

es muy hermoso nuestras ….cosas

winter blake says:

oh porter you gangsta. .soo cute

Clate Crocker says:

they see me rolling they hatin

doktor furnace says:

My dog stole my car 2 years back. The cops don't help me because they say they can't arrest dogs. 

Andrea Scherle says:

This sounds like Imagine This' music too 🙂
Dogs driving is AWESOME

Edon Dida says:

Porter looks so badass n' cool while driving lol :D

Petra Nyman says:

Bet he might soon steal that car and go straight to Mcdonalds drive-thru…….VOFF and he will charm his way to a Big mac :-)

Petra Nyman says:

GOD BOY Porter!!! Ha Ha this is just so cool and funny

MaLOL :D says:

fanslave :'D

Laceee92 says:

I write this shit every week, so tell me the song name.

animaljamvidchannel says:

Soon there will be cars especially designed for dogs and they will create a gps designed for dogs to know when to stop, go, turn, or back up and when their destination is then there seat belt automatically comes off, uh the future of technology and dogs

animaljamvidchannel says:

Omg this is in nz i live there!!!!!!

Justin Pine says:

รtiʆʆ ɗʀiѵɛร ɓɛttɛʀ tɦɑɳ ɱy sister

L'il Hunter says:

this is the best

Jessica Maya says:

OMG I wish my dog can drive like that but it takes lots and lots of training

Ikyeda Lloyd says:

Yes they do deserve one I love animals

Holly girl says:


Laceee92 says:


bob vella says:

by giving the dog a home you mean take them out of school? are those dogs really still with you? people would probably bid on them so you can get the funds to teach em to read and rise against us!!

rick and morty were right and i dig it!

Clash says:

Its great how the dog can keep its eyes on the road. Almost everyone I know can't even fucking do that.

Василиса Микулишна says:

That dog drives better than me

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